Sunday, 8 January 2012

Choice of book.

After a trip to the library on Thursday, my choice fell on the book Billy Elliot by the author Melvin Burgess. One of the reasons for my choice is that I've been to the Billy Elliot Musical in London, and I want to read the book to see how different it is from the musical. Another reason for my choice is that I didn't really find any books that stood out to me. I'm usually a fan of crime novels, but I realised that this might not be a good choice for a book analysis. Also, I need to vary my selection of books. Soo, I ended up with Billy Elliot.
Here's the summary written on the back of the book:

Billy's mother is dead, and his father and brother are fiercely involved in the bitter miners' strike. Billy's father wants his son to learn to box, like he did and his father before him, but Billy becomes fascinated by the grace and magic of ballet. This is Billy's gritty and determined struggle, at first in secret, but then with the wholehearted backing of his family, to dance his way to a different future.


  1. I am looking forward to read more! I have seen the movie and I think it's great :-)

    - Adian

  2. I have also seen the movie and loved it! Looking forward to hearing if the book is just as good!

  3. I found this introduction to the blog project very good and my first post will maybe have some inspiration(stealing) from this text.

    1. Stealing is not allowed by law, but borrowing is another matter!

  4. Sounds interesting. I have heard of the story, but Haven't watched movie or red the book.

  5. I've actually read seen the movie for some reason I can't remember. Looking forward to your other posts (:

  6. You'll finish it in no time, I'm sure. My only concern would be what we've already discussed.